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The Ultimate Beauty Hack!

Say goodbye to the days of sacrificing your favorite blouse for the sake of a perfect lipstick pout! Glam Face Savers is your secret weapon for helping keep your clothes looking fabulous and your makeup flawless.

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White or pink? Pink and white? We have options to meet your Glam needs.

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Glam Face Savers, the superhero cape for your clothes

"I've used trash bags on my head before..."

We've heard it all - using trash bags, tshirts, grocery sacks, pillowcases and more to protect your clothes from makeup stains. No more worries, Glam Face Savers is a convenient way to help beat those pesky makeup stains and smudges.

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  • Makeup Artist

    We service makeup artists who provide Glam Face Savers to their clients as an added value or sell them as an additional revenue enhancer (ask us about our discount for makeup artists)!

  • Retail/Boutique

    Transform your dressing room with Glam Face Savers. Save your store's products by providing these to customers before they try on clothes. Cuts down on retail erosion and damages.

  • Dance/Cheer Coach

    Consider purchasing Glam Face Savers for your team for competition days. Costume changes for little and big performers become a lot safer by protecting uniforms of all types.