Shopping in Japan and a photo shoot back in the states a couple of weeks later spurred the idea of Glam Face Savers.

Being handed a white mesh material while entering a Japanese dressing room brought questions and confusion. I wasn't sure what I given or what I was supposed to do with it...but I quickly figured out it was to cover my face to protect the store's product from my makeup.

Woman trying on a dress

Two weeks later, I'm back stateside headed to a photo shoot after my makeup artist glams my face. I asked her if she had anything to protect my makeup because I would be changing clothes throughout the morning. Her answer was no. I could not stop thinking about the simple white material from the Japanese dressing rooms and how I wished I had one at this moment.

Glam Face Savers was born to offer a solution for myself - a simple answer to help safeguard my clothes and save my makeup.